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Issue 286

Chrome 88, Responsible Web Applications, screen reader testing

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 286

I'm currently spending my time documenting things over at MDN. The whole project was moved to GitHub just before Christmas, which means that contributors don't have to use the wiki to make edits - in fact simple fixes can be done via the GitHub interface. One of the neat things about the move to GitHub is that every time I pull to get an up to date copy of the content, I see just how many people have helped improve the docs. It's a nice reminder of how many folk in the community want to help make MDN documentation better.

If you ever spot an issue on MDN, or would like to spend a bit of time improving or adding to the docs read the information about contributing. If you raise an issue, or make a PR on HTML or CSS docs, it's quite likely I'll end up reviewing it so don't be shy! Everyone reviewing is very keen to encourage new people to get involved, so you will be met by friendly people.

Writing docs is also an excellent way to learn about features. I've spent quite a lot of time recently working on the CSS Object Model references, and in creating examples to test my own knowledge before documenting them, there have been many lightbulb moments. I thought I knew my way around the CSSOM, but there is always something to learn.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Chrome 88

Chrome 88 is released today. It enables aspect-ratio. So once you have Chrome 88, you should see a bunch of square boxes in this demo.


Responsible Web Applications

Joy Heron has created a site with a set of responsive and accessible patterns.

Adactio: Articles—Design Principles For The Web

Jeremy's talk from An Event Apart Online Together: Front-End Focus. Read or watch the video with slides.

A developer's perspective: the problem with screen reader testing | Jake Tracey

An explanation of why screen reader testing is hard, with some suggestions for a base level of testing to help you "do the best you can, with the resources that you have available".

Ensuring the correct vertical position of large text

An explanation of default font metrics overriding, from CSS Fonts Level 4.

On Type Patterns and Style Guides | CSS-Tricks

Just as I was putting this together I spotted this new article on "Type Patterns". Keeping control of typography choices is definitely something I've struggled with, and this is a well-considered approach.

#202: Centered List Markers | CSS-Tricks

Notes on centering list markers.


CSS Image reveal with filter && clip-path 😎

Via the CodePen Spark I like these image reveals that use filter and clip-path.