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Issue 287

Open Web Docs, Firefox 85, scroll margin, simple HTML

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 287

Some interesting bits of news this week, with Open Web Docs launching and :focus-visible shipping in Firefox. This feature is being crowdfunded for implementation in WebKit/Safari by the Open Prioritization project, so hopefully we will have it everywhere soon.

I've been working through a bit of a backlog of things after submitting my Masters dissertation at the beginning of the month. However I have some plans for this newsletter in the future as we head towards 300 weekly issues, so watch this space!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Introducing Open Web Docs - Open Collective

I'm really excited to see the Open Web Docs project go live. As someone who writes web documentation over at MDN, it is brilliant to see a collaborative strategy to ensure that this vital resource and others like it can continue.

January brings us Firefox 85 - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog

Firefox 85 is out today. This post rounds up all the details, a great addition is that :focus-visible is now supported.

Learn animations

Towards the end of last year I worked on some content about high performance web animations. Last week it went live on

A simple custom – HTML Accessibility

A simple, accessible custom radio button and checkbox solution.

Add scroll margin to all elements which can be targeted - Quick Tip - Piccalilli

A nice tip to ensure that when a targeted element is scrolled to, it doesn't get jammed against the top of the viewport.


The unreasonable effectiveness of simple HTML – Terence Eden’s Blog

Not CSS, or layout, but an important reminder. If you are building important things, making sure they work on limited devices and browsers could make all the difference to someone.

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