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Issue 289

Platform News, clamp(), masking, accessibility, and faking container queries.

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 289

I've been at a CSS WG virtual face-to-face meeting today so a little late sending this out, with a little round-up of things I have read in the past few days. I realised that it has now been a year since I last spoke at a conference. I really do miss seeing everyone, however virtual events are filling some of the gaps.

An Event Apart are my sponsor this week, and I would love to encourage you to register for the (virtual) Spring Summit. I'll be doing a brand new talk, and the line-up looks fantastic. I'm so looking forward to it. Just as with the in-person events this will be a great event to attend with others in your team. The talks cover such a wide range of things that we need to know as web developers, there is something for everyone. I'd love to see you there!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Weekly Platform News: The :not() pseudo-class, Video Media Queries, clip-path: path() Support | CSS-Tricks

You can now keep up on weekly web platform news with Šime Vidas at CSS Tricks.


Going From Solid to Knockout Text on Scroll | CSS-Tricks

This is a really fun technique to try with clipping in CSS.

Type Scale Clamp Generator

You can find out about creating a type scale using clamp() over at CSS Tricks but here is a nice generator to help you play with the technique.

It's easier when you do it earlier

A post about accessibility, and how it becomes much easier if you bake it in from the start. As the post notes this probably holds true for other areas in web development, security and performance also benefit from being considered throughout the development process.

Faking container queries with CSS Grid | Polypane Browser for Developers

Using CSS Grid to solve one type of problem that might have you wishing container queries were here already.

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