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Issue 29

Flexbox accessibility, Subgrid, and launching my online workshop as conference season gets underway.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 29

It has been a whole lot of work but the first part of my CSS Layout Workshop is now live. Take a look, I'm really excited to get this out there and helping people really make sense of modern CSS layout.

In other news from me I have been asked to keynote CSS Dev Conf in October this year so I'll be heading to Texas! Chris Coyier and Trent Walton are also speaking, and the early bird prices are a fantastic deal for what is sure to be an excellent event.

Lots to share this week, I'm really glad to read about the discussions at Igalia around subgrids in CSS Grid Layout and also more thinking around accessibility with our new layout methods.

Next week I head to Montreal for ConFoo, then on to San Francisco for Fluent, finishing in Nashville for An Event Apart. On the way I'll be spending a weekend in NYC workshopping the CSS Grid Layout specification. Should be a fun, if tiring trip! If you read this and are in any of these places, be sure to come and say hello.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


Flexbox Patterns

Lots of common patterns using Flexbox, demonstrating how to create many common user interface features.

Flexbox with Zoe Gillenwater « CTRL+CLICK CAST

Zoe Gillenwater talks Flexbox on the Ctrl+Click podcast explaining what the hype is about, how it differs from other layout methods, and where it’s best used.

Finessing `feColorMatrix` · An A List Apart Article

An in-depth look at the SVG filter feColorMatrix, a dynamic way to manipulate images in the browser.

Theme switcher using CSS custom properties | justmarkup

CSS Custom Properties are appearing in more browsers. A little early for many of us to use them but it is fun to see demos. Here is a theme switcher using them.


Subgrids thinking out loud

"Igalia has been working on the CSS Grid Layout implementation on Chromium/Blink and Safari/WebKit for a while. As implementors we thought it would be nice to share our feedback on this topic, so this week the team working on Grid Layout (Sergio, Javi and myself) arranged a meeting to review subgrids feature. These are our initial thoughts about it and a first draft proposal about a possible implementation."

An in-depth post on the discussions held by the team working on the Grid Layout implementation in Blink and WebKit.

Flexbox & the keyboard navigation disconnect

Léonie Watson writes about the problems caused by visual re-ordering of elements using Flexbox:

"CSS Flexbox can create a disconnect between the DOM order and visual presentation of content, causing keyboard navigation to break."

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Launch week offer for the CSS Layout Workshop!

CSS Layout Fundamentals is now live. To celebrate the launch I've an early bird offer if you purchase the complete package. Access the fundamentals course now and get Advanced lessons as they are released.