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Issue 290

All about the floats, plus multicol, and container queries news.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 290

I am currently working on moving this newsletter to a new platform. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks. It shouldn't initially make any real difference in terms of receiving the newsletter, however it will let me do some more interesting things in terms of layout resources later.

Until then, here is the usual round-up of CSS layout adjacent things.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

CSS Multi-column Layout Module Level 1

I published a new Working Draft of multicol last week. Hopefully we can soon move it through the process and to Candidate Recommendation (CR) status.

Container Queries ...

... are officially in a CSS Working Group spec. This doesn't mean you'll be using them in your next project, but as Amelia explained it means that a path forward has been identified.


Is CSS float deprecated? | CSS-Tricks

Deprecated is definitely one of those words folk use to mean things that it doesn't mean. Floats, just like tables, are not deprecated. Nor will sites using them for column based layout stop working. You probably don't want to build a new site using floated columns though.

The article doesn't mention one use of the float property right now however, if you want to use CSS Shapes you can only do so on a floated element.

Bruce Lawson’s personal site  : Don’t put pointer-events: none on form labels

A reminder, and perhaps something to check on existing sites to make sure that any library you have been using hasn't done so.


About Us Pop-Out Effect

This is nice, using clip-path. Found in the CodePen Spark newsletter.

A quick guide to page and column floats in Prince 14

More floats! If you have never used CSS for print, then you might feel this is all a bit irrelevant; however, I'd love to know if page or column floats are at all interesting to people who build for the web. Would it be useful, for example, to be able to cause an image always to appear at the top of a column in a multiple-column layout? If you have use cases, let me know.