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Issue 294

Layout shifts, HSL, content re-ordering with grid, and Safari TP updates.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 294

I've been busy finishing off and recording my talk for the upcoming An Event Apart Spring Summit. The aim with the talk is to explain some of the core concepts of CSS, to help make everything else seem more understandable.

I was keen to see if there were things I had missed, and so posted this question on Twitter. It took on a bit of a life of its own, with fantasai giving some very detailed answers to many of them. It was also very useful for the work I do on MDN, on the CSS docs. Knowing where people are confused helps me to know what should be better explained in the docs.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

A Live Interview with Rachel Andrew and Jeremy Keith

A recording of a Facebook live event with me and Jeremy Keith, as we look forward to the An Event Apart Spring Summit.

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 122 | WebKit

There is a whole bunch of good stuff in the latest Safari TP. Lots of grid fixes plus experimental support for some interesting new color functions.


Grid, content re-ordering, and accessibility

My slides and demos from Axe-con. The video is being released at some point and I'll add it to that page when it is.

#205: Sticky Positioning: How it Works, What Can Break It, and Dumb Tricks | CSS-Tricks

Some pointers as to why your sticky positioned thing isn't working.

HSL: a color format for humans - Cloud Four

I've been thinking about color this week as I have been documenting various color functions over at MDN. Here is a great post explaining HSL.

Debugging layout shifts

Useful information on how to identify layout shifts and ultimately fix them.