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Issue 296

Container Queries, CSS Performance, and more interesting things about color.

Rachel Andrew
1 min read


Issue 296

I've still not moved platform for this newsletter yet, however that has been because I've been busy recording new conference talks and working on some upcoming interesting CSS stuff. Watch this space!

Some interesting things this week, although I imagine most folk will be excited about the fact that an early preview of the upcoming spec for container queries is in Chrome Canary. Details below, and if you try it out, do offer feedback as explained in that post.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Container Query Proposal & Explainer

You can now try out the container queries proposal in Chrome Canary. In chrome://flags enable the CSS Container Queries flag, and have a look at the demos and info linked from this page.


How to Improve CSS Performance | Calibre

A post detailing the various ways to improve the performance of your CSS.

:where() has a cool specificity trick, too. | CSS-Tricks

Some notes on the is() and where() selectors.

Dark mode in 5 minutes, with inverted lightness variables

This is a very neat technique, but the post is so much more than the quick tip the title suggests. There are some very cool things going on with CSS Color right now!


CSS terminology question - QuirksBlog

In which ppk ponders how to refer to sizing in CSS.

For what it is worth I pretty much always default to terms used in the specs. Even if I then have to describe what they mean. Using the actual terminology for something means that folk can then search for more information, which they can't do if I just make up a name. Also, spec language has in general been well thought through. If you learn the funny word for something, and then find it somewhere else in another spec it should hopefully be used to describe the same thing.

This is cool. A reference of components, useful for folk building component-based interfaces.