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Issue 298

More on Container Queries, clipping and masking, accessible components

Rachel Andrew
1 min read


Issue 298

Last week I spent a bit of time digging into container queries in order to document them for MDN. I'm also looking forward to the virtual conferences I'm part of this month. An Event Apart Spring Summit and Web Directions hover.

I'm also going to update my talk on all the new things in CSS for an internal event I'm speaking at, I have plenty of things to add!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

CSS Container Queries - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN

I've started to put together some documentation on MDN for Container Queries. It's a spec very much in the early stages, but keep an eye on this page and I'll keep updating it as things evolve. Do try out the experimental Chrome implementation detailed there, and see whether it meets the type so use cases you come across.

New in Chrome 90 - Chrome Developers

Chrome 90 includes overflow: clip and the Declarative Shadow DOM.


CSS is a Strongly Typed Language | CSS-Tricks

One of the ways you can classify a programming language is by how strongly or weakly typed it is. Here, “typed” means if variables are known at compile time.

Eric explains why CSS could be described as strongly typed, and why that matters.

The Layers of the Web - Jeremy Keith - YouTube

Learn how to build resilient, performant, accessible and beautiful structures that work with the grain of the materials of the World Wide Web in this talk from Jeremy Keith.

Accessible front-end components: claims vs reality

How to assess the claims made by a third party about the accessibility of their components. Useful stuff.

CSS { In Real Life } | Paper Snowflakes: Combining Clipping and Masking in CSS

This is a great walkthrough of clipping and masking, and the demo at the end is worth a look too.