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Issue 3

New VMs available for Edge and a stack of new articles and resources.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 3

Less news and more tutorials and articles this week. I'm aware as I curate this information that the pace of change on the web can seem completely overwhelming at times. We're looking at layout here, and that's just one tiny piece of what we all need to know about. Last week I had a conversation with Jen Simmons on her podcast The Web Ahead which covered this feeling of being overwhelmed with how much there is to learn, I've also written a follow up on my own blog. TL:DR - having a good grounding in the core skills of HTML and CSS can help you to assess what you really need to know more easily.

I'd love to hear from you if you have seen or written something that would be useful to readers of this email, just hit reply and let me know, or reply to me on Twitter.

CSS Layout News

Windows 10 virtual machines now available on Microsoft Edge Dev | Microsoft Edge Dev Blog

Windows 10 Virtual Machines are now available for testing Microsoft Edge. The Edge Dev site has also been updated and has lots of information about the browser and implementation status of features.


If you are interested in keeping up to date with what is happening in CSS then follow the CSS Working Group Blog or Twitter account. Requests for Comments are posted there and also the notes from the weekly telephone conferences. If there is part of CSS you are especially interested in you can see if it was discussed.


Responsive Solutions for Feature Comparison Tables

Techniques for creating feature comparison tables that work well on small screens.

Laying Out A Flexible Future For Web Design With Flexbox – Smashing Magazine

Nice article with some good visual explanations of how Flexbox lays out items.

#140: Exploring CSS Layout Techniques While Trying To Get a Subtitle to Wrap | CSS-Tricks

A short video showing the process behind getting to the required result using CSS.

A Primer To Background Positioning In CSS : Adobe Dreamweaver Team Blog

An excellent and in-depth primer on background positioning from Sara Soueidan on the Adobe Dreamweaver Team Blog.

Real-Life Responsive Web Design

The Smashing Book 5 is an excellent read with chapters from individual authors who really know their stuff when it comes to RWD and layout. I've read the book and can thoroughly recommend it.

How Floating Works

Back to basics with this very clear explanation of how to use the float property in CSS.

Responsive flexbox inspiration | Five Simple Steps

A short video from the final Responsive Day Out conference held earlier this year. The other presentations from this event are well worth watching too.

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A CMS that keeps you in control

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