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Issue 39

A huge list of resources, a revised subgrid specification, CSS Drop-caps and more.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 39

This week includes an epic list of resources suggested by readers of this email. I've found some new lists to subscribe to so I hope there will be something new in that. Thanks to everyone who sent things in.

I've been writing about the revised specification for the subgrid feature in CSS Grid Layout, I would love people to think about that and offer their own feedback.

I'll keep this intro short as this email is already huge with all the resources!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

A Revised Subgrid Specification

I have written up my thoughts on the revised subgrid specification that was posted to the CSS WG mailing list. I would love it if people could take a look at this and offer feedback, write up their thoughts. This is the future of web layout and you get a chance to comment on it - don't wait until this is shipped in browsers to point out the downsides.

Manuel Rego on Twitter: "Initial support for Grid Layout auto-repeat has just landed on Blink"

Great to see this part of the specification in more browsers. I've written about this here.


Your resource recommendations

In the last email I asked for your resource recommendations, in exchange for an entry to win one of three books from SitePoint. I've randomly selected 3 names and sent those over to SitePoint, and here are all your suggestions for websites, email lists and Twitter accounts.


Email lists


Podcasts and Video

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Utiliser Grid ou Flexbox ?

Pierre Choffé is translating a number of articles on CSS into French for his site La Cascade including this recent post of mine. It is great to see these resources translated and Pierre is doing a fantastic job of ensuring that the original authors retain credit, while providing a  real benefit to French-speaking developers.

Estelle Weyl — RWD is not a panacea on Vimeo

"Other than responsive design, how can we improve performance so our mobile web applications, responsive or not, are usable and accessible no matter how a user chooses to access it."

Some thoughts from Estelle Weyl on the performance of mobile web applications, and how just "making it responsive" can't be the only goal.

Better CSS Drop Caps With “initial-letter”

It doesn't have great browser support yet, but here is a tutorial on using initial-letter for drop caps.

You might not need a CSS framework ★ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog

Some of the problems and drawbacks of using a CSS framework.

CSS3 Flexbox – A Layout Made of Flexible Boxes

Part of a book on modern UI development available to read free online and as a download version for a very reasonable price.


The Web isn’t uniform — Medium

"It’s a privilege to be able to use breaking edge technologies and devices, but let’s not forget basic accessibility and progressive enhancement. Ultimately, we’re building for the users, not for our own tastes or preferences."

A great reminder of why we build for the web and who all this is for.

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