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Issue 5

Extensible CSS with Houdini, more Flexbox, Shapes and Grid

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 5

Last week I was attending the CSS Working Group meeting in Paris, as an observer. I was mostly there due to my interest in the CSS Grid Layout specification, and I'll write up some of my thoughts next week. It was interesting to listen to all of the discussions and hear about early-stage specs such as CSS Round Display, a draft specification for CSS on round displays such as round watches.

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CSS Layout News

Dev.Opera — Sex, Houdini and the Extensible Web

After the CSS WG meeting days there were two days dedicated to a new project called Houdini. Houdini aims to change the web by describing the "magic" of CSS and exposing new APIs to make polyfilling the web and inventing new CSS features easier. It's very early days but this article gives some background and links if this sounds like a project you would be interested in.


Responsive Images 101, Part 9: Image Breakpoints Cloud Four Blog

Part of a series of responsive images posts, an in-depth look at image breakpoints.

The future of layout with CSS: Grid Layouts — Medium

Great to see more people writing about CSS Grid Layout. Here's an article by Patrick Brosset on the subject.

CSS vs. SVG: Shapes and Arbitrarily-Shaped UI Components

Another excellent article by Sara Soueidan describing techniques for creating non-rectangular UI elements.


Learning Flexbox

A post from Sarah Parmenter detailing her experiences learning to use Flexbox.

Responsive Upscaling: Large-Screen E-Commerce Design – Smashing Magazine

We talk a lot about designing for tiny screens - but what about huge screens? Some interesting points about designing e-commerce for large screens.

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