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Issue 51

Several flexbox tutorials this week, an update on Grid Layout and an interview with me as I head to Australia.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 51

Lots of Flexbox in the email this week and several links to good walkthroughs of specific techniques. These types of tutorials are always really popular - if you do something interesting on a project and can write up how you solved the problem send me a link.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Web Directions Monday Profile: Rachel Andrew - Web Directions

By the time the next edition of this newsletter is sent I'll be in Australia for Web Directions Code. This is an interview with me, also published in Web Directions Scroll Magazine.

CSS Grid updates, changes and state of the browsers

My roundup of recent changes to the CSS Grid Layout specification plus information about current browser implementations.


the new code – A Previous-Next UI Navigation Pattern with Flexbox

A tutorial from Dudley Storey demonstrating how to create a previous and next navigation pattern with Flexbox.

SitePoint's Tiles: A Case Study in Components, Theming and Flexbox

Using flexbox to recreate the Tiles used on Another nice walkthrough tutorial from Hugo Giraudel.

Considerations for Styling a Modal | CSS-Tricks

"A modal. A small box that pops up to tell you something important. How hard can it be? Wellllll. Medium hard, I'd say. There's quite a few considerations and a few tricky things to get just right. Let us count the ways."

Things to think about if you need to use a modal in your site or application.

Introducing the CSS clip-path Property

A tutorial introducing the CSS clip-path property. It is worth noting that the same shapes you use for clip-path can be used for CSS Shapes. I often use the Clippy tool when creating complex shapes.


Web Directions Video: in conversation with Jen Simmons - Web Directions

Also on the Web Directions site is an interview with Jen Simmons. I'm speaking at a number of events with Jen this year. While I throw 160 slides of code at audiences, Jen inspires with her examples of the new things we can do once we have learned new techniques.

The limits of @supports - QuirksBlog

" I’m forced to wonder about the limits of @supports. What’s clear from these tests is that @supports is only useful when you’re detecting entire CSS modules such as flexbox."

ppk does some detailed testing of @supports, interesting as this feature is very useful in working with newer CSS features such as Grid Layout given that there won't be a browser supporting grid that doesn't also have @supports.

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