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Issue 52

Flexbox tips, the box-suppress property and a video about using our new layout methods for real Art Direction on the web.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 52

I am writing this introduction in the BA lounge at Heathrow, about to get on a plane to Australia where I will be speaking and leading a CSS Layout workshop at Web Directions Code. I'll also be speaking at MelbJS while in Melbourne, it is going to be a busy 10 days! Perhaps I will see some of you there - come and say hello!

A big thank you to sponsor this week CSS Dev Conf 2016, which I will be speaking at along with a whole line-up of fantastic speakers in San Antonio, Texas this October.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

The proposed box-suppress property

A post explaining the box-suppress property, part of CSS Display Level 3. The CSS Working Group would like feedback from authors on this property, so take a look.


Pure.css Offers an Intriguing Alternative to Bootstrap

A tutorial explaining Pure CSS as an alternative to using Bootstrap. Pure has a smaller footprint and if you are keen to use a framework might be one to explore.

Web Directions Video of the Week–Jen Simmons: Real Art Direction on the Web - Web Directions

On the Web Directions site watch Jen Simmons and her presentation "Real Art Direction on the Web".

3 pro tips for using flexbox | Creative Bloq

Three tips for using Flexbox from Zoe Gillenwater including some suggestions for providing fallbacks for older browsers.

Translating CSS for Paged Media with Rachel Andrew

This is layout for print user agents as opposed to the web, but another subject I am very keen on. I took part in a forum chat for SitePoint about the challenges of using CSS for creating books.


Adapting to Input · An A List Apart Article

"... who are we to judge what input is better? We have no more control over the input someone uses than we do the size of their screen."

A piece about adapting to the various different types of input on the web, and how we can design for multiple methods of input.

dCode_Understanding CSS Positioning - HTML & CSS - The SitePoint Forums

A discussion on the SitePoint forums about CSS Positioning.

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CSS Dev Conf - San Antonio, Texas - October 17-18

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