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Issue 55

A 10K Apart, zooming background images, responsive emails and progressive web apps.

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 55

It seems to be a little quieter this week as we head into the middle of August, I've found some longer pieces that may be of interest and particularly enjoyed the Cloud Four article on responsive, progressive web apps.

I spotted this huge write-up from Web Directions Code, including notes from my talk on Grid and Stephanie Rewis on Flexbox. My travel starts again with An Event Apart at the end of the month. I will then be in Europe - Berlin for View Source, Bucharest for SmartWeb and Prague for WebExpo. Come and say hello if you are at any of these!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

10K Apart

I am one of the judges for the 10K Apart competition and I am really excited about getting to see all the submissions - hopefully we'll see some interesting use of CSS. There are some fantastic prizes on offer too!


Zooming Background Images | CSS-Tricks

A post on CSS Tricks showing how to create a zooming background image.

Flywheel | How to use CSS and SVG clipping and masking techniques

A tutorial explaining how to use clipping and masking techniques in CSS.

Things I've Learned About Responsive Email Design

Some very useful tips on designing responsive emails.

Smooth as Butter: Achieving 60 FPS Animations with CSS3 — OutSystems Experts — Medium

If you are using animations as part of your layouts, making them smooth and jank-free is vital. Here are some great tips.


Designing Responsive Progressive Web Apps - Cloud Four

A thorough article on designing responsive progressive web applications from Cloud Four. A longer read but some interesting thoughts in terms of the challenges this new way of working brings.

Redesigning Pinterest, block by block

"As it turns out, it’s damn hard to design consistent and beautiful things at scale."

Not directly about CSS but an interesting look at the approach used to redesign Pinterest.

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Learn Flexbox, Grid, Shapes and more

In this workshop I pass on everything I know about CSS Layout. My aim is to explain how the existing methods we have been using work, why they are limited and what they really are useful for. Then give you all of my knowledge about new layout methods - Shapes, Flexbox, Grid and more. You'll know when and how to use these methods now and in the future.