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Issue 57

Extensible components, beginner flexbox and an ice cream sundae.

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 57

As this email goes out I'm preparing to go on stage at An Event Apart Chicago. After this conference season really kicks off. If you are at any of the things on my list do say hello.  One of the things An Event Apart do is have a proper breakfast at the start of each day, an hour to sit and enjoy breakfast and have a relaxed chat before things kick off. It reminds me that I far prefer conversations with one or two folk over coffee or a meal than networking at a big noisy party. This is probably due to my advancing years, but I'm ok with that!

Let me know if you write something, build a demo, or see something on the web that you think would be of interest to other readers of this email.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

A Web for Everyone: Interviews with Web Practitioners — Rachel Andrew ★ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog

A short interview with me about cross browser compatibility. I'll be picking up some of these themes in the new talk that I'm working on.


CSS Positioning Explained By Building An Ice Cream Sundae – Free Code Camp

A useful walkthrough for beginners explaining the basics of CSS Positioning.

Developing Extensible HTML and CSS Components | CSS-Tricks

A post about building extendable design components, a nice introduction to doing this if you want to create a component library for your site.

Learn CSS Flexbox in 3 Minutes – Learning New Stuff – Medium

A quick intro to flexbox for anyone who has learning it on their to do list.


5 Timeless Design Lessons From The Bauhaus

This month the Harvard Art Museum is launching a digital archive of its collection of Bauhaus-related artworks. Why is this relevant to CSS? As we move away from float based layouts to our new methods, we have the ability to get far more creative with layout for the web. It might be a good time to look outside of the web for inspiration.

Use Cases for Fixed Backgrounds in CSS | CSS-Tricks

Some good use cases for fixed backgrounds using background-attachment: fixed.

A service to help you create responsive embed code for a variety of other services.

Our Sponsor

Learn CSS layout for today and for tomorrow

In this workshop I pass on everything I know about CSS Layout. My aim is to explain how the existing methods we have been using work, why they are limited and what they really are useful for. Then give you all of my knowledge about new layout methods - Shapes, Flexbox, Grid and more. You'll know when and how to use these methods now and in the future.