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Issue 61

Browser bugs, Grid to CR, Gradients and an introduction to grid systems on the web.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 61

I'm briefly back in the UK before heading to Orlando for An Event Apart. Last Saturday I presented a talk on modern layout methods demonstrating various things about Flexbox, Grid and Box Alignment over in Prague for WebExpo. You can find my slides and all the code here I believe a video of that talk will be posted soon.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

fantasai on Twitter: "Just sent out the CR transition request for CSS Grid Layout."

The CSS Grid Layout specification is set to become a Candidate Recommendation this week, which is a big step towards us having it available in production. It's likely that early next year it will start emerging from behind a flag in browsers - exciting times!

AMA with Rachel Andrew - Hashnode

On the 10th of October I'm doing an AMA over at Hashnode. To be fair you can pretty much ask me anything anyway, I generally do reply to emails. However if you want to ask me anything in a public forum - there is your chance!

Safari Technology Preview - Apple Developer

When the -webkit prefix was removed from Grid Layout in Webkit, a runtime flag was added however this was enabled by default in Webkit Nightlies and Safari Technology Preview. At some point the default has been changed in Safari Technology Preview and now to enable Grid Layout you need to use the Develop Menu, and the flag is under Experimental Features.

For the latest in browser information for Grid, keep an eye on my Browsers page.


Grids - Learning web development | MDN

The Mozilla Developer Network has an excellent Learn section aimed at helping people new to web development learn skills in an up to date way. I contributed an article about grid systems, working through float and flex-based systems to also see how upcoming Grid Layout will help improve how we work with grids.


Wall of browser bugs · Bootstrap

"We publicly list browser bugs that are impacting us here, in the hopes of expediting the process of fixing them. For information on Bootstrap's browser compatibility, see our browser compatibility docs."

This is a great idea from Bootstrap. We tend to just accept browser bugs as a fact of life, but if big projects demonstrate the issues they are causing it may help prioritise fixes.

Blend—Create and customize beautiful CSS3 gradients.

A tool for creating CSS gradients.

Browser Bug Searcher

Use this tool to search for bugs in the major browsers. This link takes you to the search for CSS-Grid.

Our Sponsor

ffconf: an amazing frontend conference plus my one day layout workshop this November in the UK.

ffconf: an amazing frontend conference plus my one day layout workshop this November in the UK.

This is a special sponsor as I'll be at ffconf running my CSS Layout Workshop, so I would love to see some of you in Brighton in November for that. Workshops are on the 9th November and then the conference days are Thursday and Friday - however it isn't a two day conference. ffconf has always sold out so quickly the team are running the same conference day twice! If you can make it to Brighton in November this event is well worth the time.