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Issue 65

Brower status news, a Grid Layout Periodic Table, responsive images in CSS.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 65

This issue comes to you from a coffee shop in downtown Raleigh, I'm here for All Things Open so do find me and say hello if you are here too. Also, we are getting close to my final CSS Layout Workshop of the year in Brighton. It'll be a really good day if you want to really dig into CSS Layout, more details here.

Speaking of speaking, I am starting to book things in for 2017. I have some limited availability for speaking, and running open or in-house CSS workshops and trainings next year. You can see things currently announced on my site.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

display: contents - Chrome Platform Status

The contents value of the display property is now under development in Chrome. This useful property already exists in Firefox and I've a couple of demos of how it works here.

New visualization: Date relative mode

New visualization: Date relative mode

Can I Use now has a date relative mode, a visualization for when a feature became supported in browsers.

Another prefix removal - this time shape-outside in WebKit

Dean Jackson on Twitter: "CSS Shapes / shape-outside etc now available without a -webkit- prefix in @WebKit. (cc @meyerweb) (in builds soon


Designing Grids | Zell Liew

Soe thoughts on designing grids from Zell Liew.

Improving Perceived Performance with Multiple Background Images

A neat trick to improve "perceived performance" by using background images.

Creating the Periodic Table with Grid CSS — Responsive Web Design

Justin Avery has created the Periodic Table using CSS Grid Layout and written up his process.

Responsive Images in CSS | CSS-Tricks

A very useful post from Chris Coyier about how the concepts around responsive images map to CSS.

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ffconf: an amazing frontend conference plus my one day layout workshop this November in the UK.

ffconf: an amazing frontend conference plus my one day layout workshop this November in the UK.