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Issue 66

Flexbox explained with a roadtrip, a spooky Shapes demo, plus CSS for round displays.

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 66

I'm at An Event Apart San Francisco this week, the last stop on my little US tour. I presented my new talk New CSS Layout Meets the Real World here yesterday. While writing that hour long talk I think I removed at least 6 blog posts worth of material about layout, I'll write up some of that soon!

After heading back to the UK tomorrow I'll be at ffconf next week with the last CSS Layout workshop I'm running this year.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

My experience at W3C TPAC 2016 in Lisbon - Rego's Everyday Life

Some thoughts from Manuel Rego Casasnovas about his experiences at TPAC and the CSS WG meeting in Lisbon. Notes on Grid Layout and the Houdini Layout and Paint APIs.

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 16 | WebKit

Safari Technology Preview is out with CSS Shapes Level 1 now unprefixed.


AtoZ CSS: Vertical-alignment in CSS - SitePoint Premium

SitePoint continue their AtoZ of CSS with this screencast on vertical alignment.

CSS Flexbox Explained by Road Tripping Across the Country

Flexbox and direction explained with a US roadtrip metaphor. I think my sketchy understanding of US geography might cause me a few problems here, but this is a fun article.


Edgar Allen Poe | The Raven

Here is a Halloween Poem laid out with CSS Shapes. Nice work!

CSS Round Display specifications |

A good overview of the CSS Round Display specification, CS for displays that are not rectangular.

Pulp. Mashed up email.

A nice layout builder for anyone who has to build HTML email.

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