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Issue 72

Web Advent Calendars bring us tidings of great new articles and tutorials.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 72


no sign of slowing down for Christmas yet - in fact this is a great time of year for web writing as various sites publish an article or tip a day in the lead up to Christmas. Adrian Roselli has created a list of them.

If you do see something of a Christmas slowdown it might be a good time to learn something new, such as Grid Layout. I've been adding to the festive fun by publishing a learn CSS Grid post every day over at Grid by Example. I'll be adding some brand new video tutorials over the next week.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

What next for CSS Grid Layout? ◆ 24 ways

In time to be included in this week is my article for 24 Ways. I take a look at what might be next for the Grid Layout specification.

position:sticky is back in Chrome  |  Web  |  Google Developers

Very happy about this:

"The great news is that as of Chrome 56 (currently beta as of December 2016, stable in Jan 2017) position: sticky is now back in Chrome."


Performant Parallaxing  |  Web  |  Google Developers

If you use a parallax effect you want to be sure it doesn't damage the performance of your site. In this post Paul Lewis explains how to get the effect you want while keeping your site snappy.

Get the Balance Right: Responsive Display Text ◆ 24 ways

How to create large responsive display text using viewport units and calc.

the new code – Wrapping Text Around A Curved Image With CSS Shapes

Wrapping text around a shape using the alpha channel of an image.

Responsive design for enterprise sites – net magazine – Medium

Matt James explains how you can deliver a modern, performant site when you don’t have access to resources like Grunt and Sass


How Style Scoping Works with Element Queries by Tommy Hodgins on CodePen

Some interesting examples and use cases for "scoped styles".

12 timeless UI patterns analyzed

An interesting post analysing a range of common UI patterns, with tips and suggestions on how to use these.

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The fast track to really understanding CSS layout

I've distilled everything I know about CSS layout into this online video-led workshop. From the basics of floats and positioning right through to new methods such as Flexbox, Grid and Shapes. Never be baffled by layout 'weirdness' again!