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Issue 76

Grid, Flexbox, table-layout and the joy of email design

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 76

I am just waking up in Seattle, which is why this issue is coming out an hour or so late. This is my least favourite timezone! I'm here for the CSS Working Group meeting, and I'll be sure to write up anything interesting coming out of the next few days.

It's great to see all of the excitement around the soon to land Grid Layout, if you have started to explore it and are finding things that you don't understand or can't achieve please do post them at my AMA. There is a link this week to one issue I looked into. Please don't worry about your question being "too basic". We are all learning how to use this - me too! I know the specification well, but there will be many use cases I've not come across. So please, share them with me and we can learn how to do interesting stuff and make the spec better in future.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


Understanding Flexbox: Everything you need to know

In-depth article taking you though small examples to building a more complex layout.

table-layout | CSS-Tricks

An explanation of the CSS table-layout property.

An Introduction To Building And Sending HTML Email For Web Developers – Smashing Magazine

Here is an excellent article not just covering layout for email, but also how to send HTML emails. As HTML email is something most of us end up wrangling with, there are some good tips here.

Design for internationalization – Dropbox Design – Medium

The UI of my product Perch can be fully translated, this means that we see the UI being used in all kinds of languages, and know well the issues this can cause. Here is an article covering some of these considerations.


Grid Layout w/ Dynamic Content · Issue #13 · rachelandrew/cssgrid-ama

On my CSS Grid AMA, a question about laying out a set of blacks and also aligning the internals of those blocks. This isn't currently possible with Grid Layout, but would be interesting for more people to take a look at.

Open Color

I'm a developer, not a designer and don't really have a great eye for things like colour schemes, typography and so on. So I collect tips and resources that can help me make choices that at least aren't terrible! This colour scheme optimized for UI is one such thing.

Redesign v15 Notes | CSS-Tricks

I really love details of choices people made when designing or redesigning, or when building software. The thinking behind the decisions is always interesting and gives an insight into different audiences. Here is a write-up of the recent CSS Tricks redesign.

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