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Issue 77

Sass Beta supports Named Grid Lines in Grid Layout, CSS Shapes, Browser Support for new CSS.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 77

I have just arrived back from the CSS Working Group meeting in Seattle. I made lots of notes about the things discussed and will no doubt write up some of those over the coming weeks.

A reminder! I'm getting an increasing number of questions via Twitter and email about Grid layout, and what it can and can't do. Please post those over at my AMA as then the answers are useful to everyone. There is already a whole bunch of interesting stuff contained within the closed issues, so do take a look.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

An Event Apart: Boston 2017

An Event Apart really is a very special conference. I'm always honoured to be asked to be a part of it, partly because I enjoy being there, hearing all of the other talks and having interesting discussions with attendees and other speakers. Everything at AEA is about delivering value that you can take right back to work with you after the event. It strikes a great balance of practical information for today, with inspiration for the future.

I'm excited that I'll be part of AEA in Boston this year, and if you use the code AEARADW you can save $100 off the price of a ticket - with or without the optional third day.

Beta Release of LibSass 3.5 - support named grid lines in Grid Layout

The first beta release of LibSass 3.5, this is relevant for layout because it includes the work to support the square brackets used to name lines in CSS Grid Layout.


CSS Triggers

This table shows which CSS properties cause Layout, Paint and Composite to happen. If you click on any row there is a more detailed explanation.

the new code – Balancing Text and Images with Flexbox

Combining flexbox and background images to balance text and images inside a box.

Browser Support for evergreen websites

I turned my frustration at the fact we are still having the "do websites need to look the same in all browsers" argument in 2017 into a blog post. We need to look at the idea of browser support differently in a world of evergreen browsers, I also think we need to make sure that working on projects that demand a high level of legacy support don't stunt out own personal development.

Taking CSS Shapes to the Next Level

Making more complex shapes with CSS Shapes.


css-houdini-drafts/ at master · w3c/css-houdini-drafts

"The CSS Layout API is being developed to improve the extensibility of CSS. Specifically the API is designed to give web developers the ability to write their own layout algorithms in addition to the native algorithms user agents ship with today."

Some examples of the trend for non-rectangular page headers.