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Issue 8

Lots more flexbox this week!

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 8

Conference season is well and truly here for me. I'm writing this introduction while having breakfast in an Albuquerque hotel, I'm here to speak to the good people of the NAGW Conference.

Perhaps of interest to readers of this newsletter is the video of my keynote from Full Stack Fest in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago. Something I'm talking about a lot at the moment is my concern that the rise of frameworks and pre-processors is making it harder for people to contribute back to the core standards of the web.

Thanks for reading and do send me anything that you have seen or worked on that might be of interest to other readers - reply to this email or tweet at me @rachelandrew.

CSS Layout News

Scroll Snapping with CSS Snap Points

This interesting specification will allow us to define snap points for scrolling areas, in order to implement paginated scrolling.

First Public Working Draft: CSS Page Floats

This document describes floats that move to the top or bottom of content passages. This feature has traditionally been used in print publications in which figures and photos are moved to the top or bottom of columns or pages, along with their captions. This draft describes how to achieve this effects for floats within pages, columns, regions and elements.


Using Modernizr with Flexbox

A practical tutorial explaining how to use Modernizr  3 with Flexbox taking advantage of the new flexbox tests in the latest version of the feature-detection script.

Modern web layout with flexbox

An easy to follow flexbox tutorial from Paddi Macdonnell. Lots of practical examples.

Revisiting the Slider

A post submitted by reader Abhishek Sachan with example code for a flexbox slider.

Smarter Grids With Sass And Susy

While we wait for CSS Grid Layout to be here I am often asked which framework or method for creating grids I recommend. If you use Sass then I would take a look at Susy, and here is a nice tutorial to help.


Understanding versions in an evergreen browser

A useful post about how to understand versions as browsers become "evergreen". If you are keen to use cutting edge CSS features for layout or anything else, knowing when a feature is actually in a browser is useful.

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