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Issue 89

Back in the UK. Briefly.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 89

A jetlag issue having flown back from Seattle to the UK yesterday. I'm also working on my company end of year accounts. Jetlag and tax, not a combination I would recommend!

I had a fantastic time over the last couple of weeks, going from Render in Oxford to Seattle for An Event Apart then to San Francisco for Smashing Conf. I was running a CSS Grid Workshop for Smashing and in the last session of the day got attendees to build some layouts with grid. It was fascinating to see how quickly people grasped the concepts and also how the different groups picked different ways of using Grid.

Next week I'll be sending this email from Tokyo where I will be for the CSS Working Group meeting. One of the things we hope to talk about is the subgrid feature of grid. I would love to have more use cases to share, so if you have any thoughts read this post and let me know.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 27 | WebKit

Notable are the prefix removals for min-content, max-content and fit-content.

Patterns Day: Brighton, June 30th 2017

I'm really looking forward to this. A one-day event for web designers and developers on design systems, pattern libraries, style guides, and components.

And the site uses CSS Grid Layout.

CSS Grid Layout Baseline Alignment support

There are some finer details of the Grid spec still being implemented in one browser or another. Baseline alignment has now been implemented in Chrome - you can see the linked example working in Canary.


Relative Type - Paul Kinchla

A tip on combining ems and viewport units for responsive components.

8-Point Grid: Borders and Layouts – Built to Adapt

Diving into some of the tricky questions that arise when using an 8-Point grid system to base your designs on.

Refer to the spec

Learning to read specifications is very useful. The grid spec is long and complicated and we're going to work through it in little bits. That way you too can be one of the people who is able to refer to the spec whenever they have a CSS question.



Not really layout, but useful enough that I really wanted to include it. CSS animation examples to copy and paste. Also a really great way to see what is possible.


A little tool that lets you play around with the properties that can be applied to grid containers.

CSS Grid Template Builder

Another grid tool, this one to make use of the grid-template-areas method of grid layout.

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