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Issue 91

Back from the CSS WG meeting in Tokyo

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 91

I'm in an airport hotel having arrived late last night back from Tokyo and the CSS Working Group meeting.  Three days of discussing the finer points of CSS was intense, but very enjoyable. I am always struck by how much work goes into the tiniest of details. It has to, once CSS is out there and in use, it is almost impossible to go back.

Conference season continues however, so I've not got a lot of time at home before Berlin and CSSConf EU. One of my favourite conferences and in my favourite city. I'm going to be talking about where CSS comes from, which is timely having just come back from a meeting where CSS was quite literally being made! I hope to see some of you in Berlin - if you enjoy reading this email, come and say hello.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Breaking Borders - Bi-monthly events based in Reading, UK

Near Reading in the UK? There are free tickets available for Breaking Borders tomorrow night. I'll be talking about Grid (while very jetlagged no doubt).

Firefox 53: Quantum Compositor, Compact Themes, CSS Masks, and More

Firefox 53 is out. One of the features is display: flow-root, which I have detailed in this post.

New in Chrome 58  |  Web  |  Google Developers

You will also find display: flow-root in Chrome 58. I am really enjoying seeing these features get into browsers so quickly.


Spring Into CSS Grid 🌼

Nice grid tutorial with really cute illustrations.

Eric's Archived Thoughts: Grid-Powered Drop Quotes

A post about drop quotes using CSS Grid Layout, and also a follow up post here.

Refer to the spec: What is all that stuff at the top of the spec?

I am going to be working through the grid specification, trying to explain all of that terminology as I go. This will hopefully help you understand how to read any spec, not just Grid. In this post I'm explaining the legal sounding stuff at the top of CSS specifications.

Between the Lines | CSS-Tricks

"Media queries are great for changing values in sudden snaps at different screen sizes. But, combining the power of calc() and viewport units like vw and vh , we can get an awful lot of fluidity across our layouts. For this we'll use a technique called linear interpolation."


Pure CSS crossword - CSS Grid

This is fun - a crossword puzzle laid out with CSS Grid.


A lightweight alternative to position: sticky polyfills.

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