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Issue 92

Custom properties, margins and padding, media queries plus a little bit of grid.

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 92

The theme of this issue seems to be margins and custom properties - although not in combination! Quite a nice range of different tutorials as I try not to make this wall to wall Grid Layout.

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The next stop for Spring conference season is Berlin. I'll be speaking at CSSConf EU about where CSS comes from. Perhaps I will see some of you there.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

What’s happening in CSS?

I have a list of links to track what is happening in CSS, browser implementations and interoperability. I thought it might be useful for other people and so I posted them to my blog.


CSS Custom Properties and Theming | CSS-Tricks

A walkthrough plus links to lots of examples of how you can use CSS Custom Properties for creating site themes.

Winning with CSS Variables | hey it's violet

Also on the Custom Properties theme, here is an excellent post on "CSS Variables" which also covers fallback support and Sass.

How to Set CSS Margins and Padding (And Cool Layout Tricks) — SitePoint

Lots of detail on using CSS margins and padding in this article, from the Box Model through to aspect ratio tricks.

Advanced vertical margins – Hacker Noon

How the adjacent sibling selector can solve complex design requirements while maintaining readable CSS.

Journey to Highly Effective and Maintainable CSS Media Queries

Some good tips for using media queries well.

Getting started with CSS Grid Layout – Hacker Noon

I think I have linked to all of these at one time or another, but here is a good collection of links to Grid Layout tutorials and resources.


10 Open Source CSS Snippets for Creating Blockquotes

A nice collection of blockquote styles from the simple to the complex.

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