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Issue 95

Lots of CSS Grid tips and tricks this week.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 95

Issue 95

I am back from my last round of travels, most recently from Google I/O. There was more web stuff than I had expected at I/O, lots of JavaScript and PWA content. CSS Grid did get a little mention on a slide detailing all of the new Web APIs that had made it into Chrome this year.

Tomorrow I head to Athens, Greece for Frontend United. I am speaking and also running a CSS layout workshop.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

707214 - [css-grid] Add CSS Grid Layout support on DevTools - chromium - Monorail

I love the Firefox Grid Inspector, but I'd love to see Grid support in Chrome DevTools. There is an issue raised to add it. If you would like to see it happen, then starring the issue shows that there is interest in this as a feature.

Updated! Grid by Example

A fairly major update to Grid by Example. I've created a Getting Started guide with links to various things I have written and recorded, on and off the site.

Also the beginnings of a whole new section of patterns which include fallbacks for older browsers.

Animating CSS Grid Layout properties by Manuel Matuzovic on CodePen

People keep asking me about animating the grid. Happy to see a post explaining what is animatable and demonstrating the fact that there is poor browser support currently.


CSSconf EU 2017 | Patrick Hamann: CSS and the first meaningful paint - YouTube

In this video from CSSconf EU 2017 Patrick Hamann explains how browsers render a webpage, and how you can optimise in order to get a faster loading experience.

SmashingConf San Francisco 2017 - Rachel Andrew on Laying Out The Future With Grid And Flexbox on Vimeo

A video of my talk from Smashing Conference in San Francisco a few weeks ago.

Better Form Design: One Thing Per Page (Case Study) – Smashing Magazine

An interesting article about form design and the "one thing per page" pattern.

"This pattern is about splitting up a complex process into multiple smaller pieces, and placing those smaller pieces on screens of their own."

Eric's Archived Thoughts: Gridded Headings

Some techniques for creating headings using CSS Grid. There are a lot of handy small places like this where grid can help finesse layout. It's often in these places you can start to use it - even if you need to do your major layout components using older methods.


Color Tool - Material Design

Even if you are not using Material, this Color Tool is useful. Try out colour combinations and then text the accessibility of text, making sure your choices don't result in unreadable combinations. I like the ability to then open the result in CodePen.

Flexbox Buttons

A cute little set of Flexbox buttons. Although why people persist in creating small demos with languages not HTML is beyond me. Make it easy for people to fork and play with stuff!

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