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Issue 96

Writing modes, flexbox, grid and fullpage video backgrounds.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 96

I have just returned from Frontend United in Athens. I spoke there on CSS Grid Layout and ran my Advanced Layout Workshop. Despite the best efforts of British Airways, in the middle of their global IT meltdown, managed to get home again! Slides for the talk at the conference are here.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


writing-mode | Codrops CSS Reference

An excellent reference page for writing mode written by Chen Hui Jing.

Eric's Archived Thoughts: Gridded Headings v. Justified Headings

In a follow-up to his Gridded Headings post that I included last week, Eric Meyer notes:

"In that combination of similarity and difference, I can sense an incredible range of capability, chock full of nuance and brimming with possibility.  There are going to be ways to put these things together that nobody has figured out yet.  I know I keep saying this, but there’s a vast landscape opening, so vast that I don’t think we can even guess how far it extends yet, let alone have mapped its terrain."

Full Page Background Video Styles - The Media Temple Blog

A post with examples showing how to use full page video backgrounds.

A very good time to understand CSS layout

In this post I explain why right now is a very good time to learn about CSS Layout.

11 things I learned reading the flexbox spec – Hacker Noon

Nice to see people reading specs. There are so many useful things you can find out by doing so, as this post shows.

Greg Whitworth - Accurately checking for CSS Grid support in Microsoft Edge

A post detailing how best to check for Grid support in a way that will enable your grid layout to work when Edge ships their updated implementation.

Floating labels are problematic – Simple = Human – Medium

"Forms are not a source of entertainment. The floating label won’t make users enjoy using forms. Users don’t care. They just want the outcome."

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