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Issue 97

Browser updates, CSS Grid tutorials and practical uses.

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 97

We are closing in on issue 100! I'm happy so many of you enjoy this newsletter, and that enough people publish good resources to fill a weekly email about CSS Layout. In this week there is a lot of grid layout information, both from me and from other people. Plus browser updates, a flexbox cheatsheet and a nice colour tool (which also uses Grid Layout).

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Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

What's New In DevTools (Chrome 59)  |  Web  |  Google Developers

Chrome 59 is out. Something I think will be really useful is a feature in the Chrome DevTools included in this version. CSS and JS Code Coverage means you can find out how much of your loaded resources are used. A useful metric to keep an eye on and to try and improve.

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 31 | WebKit

Safari Technology Preview 31 fixes a couple of CSS Grid issues and also implements place-self from the Box Alignment Specification. This property enables the setting of the align-self and justify-self properties in one go.

"This shorthand property sets both the align-self and justify-self properties in a single declaration. The first value is assigned to align-self. The second value is assigned to justify-self; if omitted, it is copied from the first value."


Breaking Out With CSS Grid Layout - Cloud Four

A nice technique for creating full width elements in your layout. See the next post in this email for my explanation of how this works.

Breaking out with CSS Grid explained

My explanation of the "Breaking Out" CSS Grid post.

An introduction to CSS Grid

Charlotte Jackson with a straightforward intro to CSS Grid Layout.

CSSconf EU 2017 | Rachel Andrew: Where does CSS come from? - YouTube

In my talk from CSSConf.EU I try to answer the question, "Where does CSS come from?"


text-decoration-skip - CSS | MDN

This week I have been enjoying using text-decoration-skip on the redesign of my own site, which is using a chunky font.

FlexBox cheatsheet

I like the fact that if you click the properties on this cheatsheet they are copied to the clipboard.

HSLA - Online Color Picker

Type a hex colour code into this nice little tool and get all the different ways you could express that colour - including hsl and hsla. However the real reason I'm including it is that it is laid out using CSS Grid.

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