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Issue 99

Hello from San Jose, CSS Grid and WordPress, browser release notes and some nice examples of new CSS in use

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 99

I am writing this introduction in a coffee shop in San Jose. Three planes in three days have brought me here from CSSDay in Amsterdam. CSSDay was excellent, I can't wait to share the videos with you when they are released as there was so much that was interesting there. If you want to see what I spoke about the slides are here and also a bunch of code examples.

As this email goes out I'll be setting up to present a half-day tutorial at Fluent. If you are at Fluent, in addition to my tutorial and talk I am doing a meet the experts session on Wednesday. Come and say hello and ask me stuff, so I don't look like a lonely person who no-one wants to talk to!

If you are not at Fluent but want to ask me stuff about Grid in particular then I have an AMA here if your questions can be asked with a reduced test case. If your company however would be interested in  training, or consultancy around layout issues then drop me a line.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 33 | WebKit

Some useful Grid Layout fixes in the latest Safari Technology Preview. Great to see browsers continuing to ship these fixes. DO report browser bugs if you find them!

Firefox 55 for developers - Mozilla | MDN

Lots of interesting things in these notes for the current Firefox Beta including the fact that the float / clear logical values inline-start and inline-endare now available.

Style Guide Podcast

A new season of the Style Guide podcast, hosted by Anna Debenham and Brad Frost.


Handling Long and Unexpected Content in CSS | CSS-Tricks

A set of useful and practical examples for when your content is longer than perhaps is ideal for an element. Robust CSS should cope with this - and it is this kind of thing that is getting much easier with Flexbox and Grid.

Building Production-Ready CSS Grid Layouts Today – Smashing Magazine

A long article detailing how to use CSS Grid in a WordPress theme.


The (Far) Future of CSS

Slides from the presentation given by Tab Atkins at CSS Day which include interesting details of custom layout possibilities in Houdini.

Connect: behind the front-end experience

How Stripe are using CSS Grid Layout and a whole host of other modern CSS.

I like the straightforward nature of, the reason I'm linking to it is that I spotted a very nice feature of their redesign, the date of the posts which uses position: sticky. A lovely little touch.

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“There were takeaway points from every talk that are going to make my job easier.”—Chris Samoiloff,  UX Prototyping, IBM

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