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Issue 311

An explanation of the difference between some very similar sounding alignment values. Also: Firefox 90, Intersection Observer, viewports, and theme-color.

Rachel Andrew
1 min read

My intention with this new CSS Layout News site was to start to collect together a lot of the material I've written on layout, along with publishing some new pieces. I've made a start today with a piece about some alignment values you may not have come across yet.

Let me know if there is some layout mystery you'd like me to explain! I've been doing a lot of editing and API documentation recently, so I'm itching to get back to writing about CSS layout.

Rachel Andrew


Firefox 90

Firefox 90 has shipped, not a lot of CSS news this time. There is a little interesting note under HTML, with regard to intrinsic sizes of images and EXIF data. This potentially enables other use-cases around using EXIF data to allow images to declare their sizing and density.


What's the difference between the alignment values of start, flex-start, and self-start

In this post, I explain with some demos how these similar-sounding values differ. These values are currently in Firefox, and also in Chrome Canary (expected to ship in Chrome 93). They will be especially useful when working with mixed writing modes and directions.

The large, small, and dynamic viewports

A good explanation of the work being done to define viewports that cope with device viewports that change due to UA interfaces. Definitely a space to watch.

Meta Theme Color and Trickery

A post about the theme-color meta tag, with potential use cases.

Building a dynamic header with Intersection Observer

This is a nice use case, but also a good introduction to Intersection Observer by Michelle Barker.