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Issue 315

Adding an accent to form elements with accent-color, Bootstrap adds grid support, CSS Shapes, more Paint API fun.

Rachel Andrew
2 min read

Popping my head out of a giant pile of editing work, to bring you CSS Layout News this week.

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Rachel Andrew



The CSS accent-color property will land in the next versions of Chrome and Firefox. I do like it when things release in more than one user-agent at a time. In this post find out how the property can help to add your brand color to elements that are typically hard to style.

Bootstrap adds CSS Grid support

An experimental feature for now, if you do use Bootstrap try out the new CSS Grid support and let them know if you encounter any problems.


Exploring the CSS Paint API: Image Fragmentation Effect

There have been a few articles covering Houdini APIs recently. This one explains how to create an image fragmentation effect by using the Paint API.

Using CSS Shapes for Interesting User Controls and Navigation

A fun article with ideas for using CSS Shapes to create interesting navigation effects.

Horizontal scrolling in a centered max-width container

A nice little demo of a scrolling panel within a centered container.

Chrome DevTools: Better accessibility inspection with the Source Order Viewer

In particular, when using grid and flexbox it is possible to move the display order away from the logical order defined in the source. This can lead to an unexpected, and difficult-to-use experience when navigating a document using the keyboard. Chrome DevTools can help you to identify places where this might be happening.

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