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Issue 318

Chrome 93, CSS Paint API, fixed backgrounds, and getting spicy with sections.

Rachel Andrew
1 min read

Last week I had a new garden office installed. It's basically a posh shed, but I'm hoping less spidery than my actual garden shed. In sorting out the room I currently work from I found my copy of The CSS Anthology, 1st edition. It included information about the IE6 peekaboo bug, and how to hide CSS from Netscape 4. That book was written at a time when many people still used tables for layout, and a raft of issues made CSS, for layout in particular, really hard work.

Enjoy the collection of links this week, and assuming the electrician shows up next week will come to you from the bottom of the garden.

Rachel Andrew


Chrome 93

Chrome 93 is out. This release lands the new alignment values for Flexbox, explained in this post. This also marks the start of Chrome moving to a 4-week release cycle.

CSS Master Third Edition

I was technical editor for this excellent book from Tiffany B. Brown, which gives a thorough overview of CSS in an easy-to-follow format.


Exploring the CSS Paint API: Blob Animation

Another article about the CSS Paint API, this time looking at creating an animated blob.

The Fixed Background Attachment Hack

A dig into an issue you might have experienced with fixed backgrounds, along with some workarounds.

Starting a design with accessibility

Tips to help in considering accessibility before beginning to design a site or application.


Spicy Sections

Some members of the OpenUI Community Group are experimenting with the idea of tabs in HTML. Here, Hidde tries out the experimental custom element, and explains more about the aims of the proposal.