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Issue 324

Multicol is a CR, Firefox 93, LayoutNG, and CORS.

Rachel Andrew
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The State of the Browser conference has announced the full line-up, which includes me along with some other lovely folks. You can join in in-person or online, and tickets are really good value. I hope to see you, or your virtual form, there.

Rachel Andrew


CSS Multi-column Layout back to Candidate Recommendation

Back in 2007, I became co-editor of the multicol spec and promptly took it back to being a Working Draft. This week the spec moved back to CR, so I now really need to get the test suite sorted.

Lots to see in Firefox 93

The big news being AVIF image support.


Building a multi-select component

Another article from Adam, working through the process of creating a potentially tricky component. You can also watch this as a video.

CSS is Going Gosh-Darned Hog Wild, I Tell Ya What

Chris with a round-up of some of the experimental things being developed as part of CSS. It really is a very exciting time!


One of the reasons CSS is able to "go wild" is that browsers are able to support this stuff, partly due to efforts like RenderingNG in Chrome. This is the latest post in a series taking a deep look into RenderingNG, this article most relevant to readers here as it's all about LayoutNG.

In this post find out why buttons and links are not the same, and which to use when.

How to win at CORS

No one is safe from running into CORS problems, however finding a really good explanation of CORS has been something I've struggled with. Jake has written that article, and it is well worth your time.

How to understand CSS

This week I spoke at An Event Apart. Here are my slides, resources, and code from that presentation.