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Issue 326

New things in Safari, learn about lists, style the dialog element.

Rachel Andrew
1 min read

Tomorrow is State of the Browser in London, where I will be speaking about CSS Layout, it will be my first in-person event for 18 months or so. Very odd!

In other speaking news, registrations are open for the Chrome Dev Summit workshops, office hours, and learning lounges. Request an invite here. I am running two CSS Layout workshops, Adam Argyle is running a workshop on User adaptive interfaces. You can also post questions for the Chrome Dev Summit AMA with senior members of the Chrome team.

Rachel Andrew


Safari Technology Preview 134

Lots of good stuff in this latest release, including unprefixing of appearance, text-decoration-skip-ink, more work on Cascade Layers, and the implementation of the <dialog> element.

CSS Overview Panel

Try out the new CSS Overview Panel which is in preview in Chrome 96. It shows you the colors used in your page, identifies contrast issues, unused declarations, and gives an overview of the CSS that is being used. Take a look!

New WebKit features in Safari

A look at the new features that are part of the Safari 15 release.


Learn CSS Lists

A new course in the Learn CSS series, this time covering lists. More to come!

How to implement and style the dialog element

Given the fact that <dialog> has made it into Safari Technology Preview, hopefully it won't be too long before it lands in the shipping browser. So, here is a good look at how to use it.

Exploring the CSS Paint API Rounding Shapes

Another installment in this great series on the Paint API.