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Issue 329

Speaking at DevFest, human-friendly class names, browsing with screen magnification.

Rachel Andrew
1 min read

DevFest North America is happening today and tomorrow, I'm speaking tomorrow with a heavily updated version of my talk on what's new in CSS. Heavily updated, because there is so much new stuff to talk about. I think you can still sign up if you want to watch.

I am also doing an AMA with other Chrome DevRel leads at the Web @ DevFest meetup on 8th December. Enjoy the links below and perhaps I'll see you at one of these events.

Rachel Andrew


BlinkOn State of CSS

Philip Jägenstedt gives an overview of the State of CSS 2021 survey results and how they will influence priorities in 2022. In particular, a look at the suggested focus areas for Compat 2022.

Chrome 96

Chrome 96 is out, including the prefers-contrast media feature.

Safari Technology Preview 135

A whole bunch of CSS things. The accent-color property is enabled, plus lots of fixes to things and additional implementations that will help with compat.


Browsing with screen magnification

In this useful post, learn how screen magnification works.

Parallax powered by custom properties

A walkthrough with code examples of how to create a parallax effect that leans on custom properties.

Building a 3D game component

Another in this series of UI breakdowns from Adam.

Your CSS is an interface

I love this. Thinking about human friendly class names.