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Issue 330

A container query polyfill, converting images to SVG, multi-directional websites, and typography.

Rachel Andrew
1 min read

Last weekend I spoke at DevFest North America, though I was in a shed in Bristol, UK, rather than anywhere in North America! You can find the video of the talk starting at around 31 minutes in this video of the day two stream. My slides and code examples are here.

I'm starting to talk to people about speaking events next year, it seems as if most people are still staying virtual or hedging bets with a hybrid event. However I'm happy to work with potentially changeable plans, so if you are looking for speakers for 2022 events let me know.

Rachel Andrew


A Container Query polyfill

If you are trying out the experimental Chrome implementation of container queries, check out this polyfill and see if it works with your examples.


SVGcode is a PWA to convert raster images to SVG, this article explains how it works.


Which SVG technique performs best for way too many icons?

Which technique should you use if you have a lot of icons on your page? This article tests the various techniques and gives some suggestions.

Responsive Layouts, Fewer Media Queries

A look at the ways you can create responsive layouts without needing a media (or container) query.

Control Layout in a Multi-Directional Website

A practical look at ways to write CSS to make controlling layout on a site that is translated into a language with a different script direction easier.

Learn CSS Typography

Another module in the CSS course, this time taking an in-depth look at text and typography with some great demos.