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Issue 333

State of CSS Survey results, Compat 2021, Layout DevTools, and aspect-ratio.

Rachel Andrew
1 min read

It feels like everyone is winding down towards the holidays, even so, there are a few useful things to share this week including the results from the State of CSS Survey. Thanks to those who mentioned me when responding to the survey, I'm happy if some of the things I do are useful to someone!

Rachel Andrew


Compat 2021 Update

The Compat 2021 project is an effort to eliminate browser compatibility problems in five key focus areas: CSS Flexbox, CSS Grid, position: sticky, aspect-ratio, and CSS transforms. This post shares the improvements made in 2021.

State of CSS Survey Results

This annual survey has now published results.


Breaking out of the box

An article about the Window Controls Overlay for Progressive Web Apps. This is an experimental feature currently, the article explains why this is something to get excited about.

The CSS Podcast on Layout DevTools

An episode all about DevTools for CSS layout.

12 days of web

A year-end celebration of fundamental web technologies: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Responsive iframes with the CSS aspect-ratio property

Another one of those things that has been difficult to do, that CSS has now made straightforward.